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Do you love kicking all zombies in their ass or do you love killing zombies using axe or guns or any other weapon? Welcome, to the world of Anger of stick 5 zombies Mod Apk where you will find two more companions to help you butt out all zombies.

The anger of Stick 5 is an extension of anger of strick 2, the anger of stick 3 and anger of stick 4. If you are playing that app earlier then you can check this new game with ease. You can choose three from six different reliable fellows who will fight with you in all your mission.

The Anger of Stick 5 Description

The anger of stick 5
Size24 M
Current Version1.1.7
Last updateJun 14, 2019
Mod files size58 M

The anger of stick 5 Zombies features

  • Three rest of zombies
  • New levels with more fun
  • Defense mode added in the game
  • Added many new weapons
  • Fix jump balance of the game character
  • Not suitable for below 12 years of age of children

The anger of stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk features

  • Get 999,999,999 Game coins in your account
  • Get 999,999,999 Gems in your game account
  • Get 9999 Skill in your game account
  • Get level 20 for your main character
  • All levels unlock in your account

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The anger of stick 5 Zombie Tips and Tricks

Tip 1 # Know the Game button first

When you start playing Anger of Stick 5 game, you will notice there are many buttons which you are not using in the game. You need to learn those buttons first, how to use and what is the function of each button hold for your game character.

Try to check different combos using those buttons, (combos are when you press two or more button simultaneously to give some special moves to your game characters).

Try all the combos you can make out of the button given in your Smartphone Screen. You should also know that clicking on the sign button thrice will enable your character to give as butterfly style kick.

Tip 2 # Three vs. rest

This is not one vs. rest of Zombies, what will confuse is this is three vs. rest of zombies. You will control only one of the main characters which will be black, and rest of your companion will be in shady black character. You should only focus on your main character as, if you lose him you lose the campaign.

Focus on taking charge in the game, as your companion or followers will only follow you in the back. Companions are great to help when you encounter a large number of zombie’s hordes, but you need to show the path as you need to clear all path for them.

Tip 3 # Buy new weapon with Game coins

Always invest in buying the new weapon with Game coins, you should invest in the buying new powerup and weapon, which will eventually clear all levels with ease. You can get unlimited money using Anger of Stick 5 mod apk file. As you know, you will receive huge game coins and gems when you start clearing any levels or campaign.

Use those Game coins and gems to buy a new weapon for you and your followers in the game.

Tip 4 # use your Skill carefully

Skills are medicine bottle in the game which can be used to cure you and your followers when infected by zombies. You need to know that these are very rare in the game and you need to protect it and use them carefully so that you can use them in the level up process.

Do not use these skills in the early stages as you will require them more in the later or higher levels.

Tip 5 # Save Citizen to earn Points

Every level has some cool points which you need to discover; you can save citizen in different levels form zombies to earn points or coins. When you save some citizen form zombies, attack, game rewards you will points which you can use to get some skills or other game items.

Tip 6 # Login daily to get game goodies

You should make a habit of login daily to get some game goodies. You can get different game items which will be of great help in clearing some levels. Always remember to log in daily to get those game goodies which will help in every aspect of the game.

Tip 7 # Use Gems and Coins wisely

Gems are necessary for upgrading your character of the game, but if you did not use them wisely, you would end up losing them all. So, you need to make a balance between upgrading your game character for HP and mana.

Final thought

The anger of stick 5 Zombie game is not suitable for all age group, as it contains killing and bloodbath every time you go on any campaign. Make sure that your small children are not playing this game. If you find difficulty in clearing any levels, then you can check our Anger of stick 5 Zombie Mod Apk + obb files.

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