One game which can give PUBG run for its money is Garena Free Fire developed by Garena International private limited. This game has 100 million downloads from Google Play store itself and fast becoming the game of the year.

Garena Free Fire has only one motto “killed to survive till the last.” If you love action-packed ultimate shooter game, then you need to check Garena Free Fire Mod Apk. Jump with a parachute and get ready to explore the building and vast fields for weapons. You need to find the weapon fast to avoid being killed by the enemy.

Garena Free Fire Gameplay

The Game gives every player same opportunity to get weapons and other game items. There is no need to have VIP or elite pass to play the game, every player starts without any weapon, and they need to search the building to get it.

Garena Free Fire full description

Garena Free Fire
PublisherGarena International private limited
Size65 M
Current Version1.39.0
Last updateAug 14, 2019
Mod files size78 M

Garena Free Fire Game Features

  • The awesome battleground where 50 player battle together
  • Rush hour open with 10 min game with 50 player
  • You can play one man, duo (two men) and squad 4 man
  • Realistic and smooth graphics
  • Guns, cars and other game items to make a real battleground
  • Get new costumes
  • Get game coins and other items when you level up or login daily

Garena Free Fire Mod apk Features

  • Get 5000 Diamond in your account
  • Get 100000 Coins in your account when you begin
  • Get your dream costume by unlocking it by gems
  • All game characters open
  • Buy game characters exclusive cloth set by using gems
  • Elite pass for one month free with the account
  • Ensure Obb files are present in your download Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

Garena Free Fire Tips and Tricks

This game is the battle to remain alive till the end and survive the ordeal without being killed. You need to focus on the survival tactics with killing other opponents. Be ready to kill the enemy to survive in the game of battles. Here are few tips and tricks which will enable you to win Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire Tips
Best Strategy Guide

Tip 1 # Prepare for the battle

Before you plunge into the main battlefield, you need to prepare yourself for the battle. The Game did not give you many choices of choosing a weapon or shield before you proceed to the main battle.

You need to choose your costume or dress carefully to avoid being detected from a distance. Avoid any dress which can be seen in the grass such as red, pink, yellow, violet or any glowing dress which can be flashy enough to get notice form distance.

Try to choose a dress which can be blend with the grass or the background of the battlefield. Always remember, your dress or costume matters when you have micro-second to decide to shoot or avoid the duel.

Do not give an advantage to the opponent by choosing a flashy dress or you will be killed or be detected from a far distance.

Tip 2 # Login daily to get goodies

One of the top things you can do is to log in daily to get goodies which you can use in your game. You will receive clothes, headgear or game items such as coins when you log in daily.

You will also get loyalty bonus when your login for continues 30 days. Keep collecting all goodies for the game and use them in your game to stay ahead of the competition.

Tip 3 # Choose a less crowded place

There is two type of methods in Garena Free Fire, which we will discuss one by one.

  • Choose Less Crowded area: when you are new and want to learn the reins of the game, avoid the crowded place and try to land in the less crowded place. You need to keep one thing in your mind, less crowded doesn’t mean any building or empty, barren land. You need to spot the location where the building is less in number, and many players did not jump on that location.

In this way, you can avoid the enemy contract when you are searching for weapons. You need to remember that this tactic is used by a novice player who has lower levels and did not want to participate in the battle in early 5 min.

  • Choose Heavy Crowded area: If you are pro and have higher levels by playing Garena, you need to choose a crowded area to get maximum kills. The spirit of the battleground is killing all to get in the top. You need to improve your tactics and to kill perfection to archive the professional tag. With Garena Free Fire Mod Apk, this should be pretty easy.

Tip 4 # Shoot or duck to avoid being killed

There will be a situation when you have to decide between shooting or ducking the bullet in the game. Depending on the decision you have taken during those situations will decide the outcome of the game.

It is better not to shoot the enemy when they outnumber you or enemy sitting in the higher position having a sniper rifle. You should also avoid shooting when you are running to the safe zone, and safe zone line is shrinking. First, reach the safe zone then start firing on the enemy to kill him.

Tip 5 # PRO Tip: Shoot and Hide

One of the best shooting tips is to shoot using a silencer and hide for some time. In the match, we have seen many times when the enemy shoots and hide behind trees or pits and keep calm.

This makes confusion in the mind of the player, and he wants to see the exact location or tree from where the enemy is shooting. Forgetting the exact location, he will come out from hiding and expose himself to the shooter. That time is perfect to shoot your enemy down with a headshot.

Tip 6 # shoot in the head to get an easy kill

Always remember, in every shooting game, you need to shoot at the head of the enemy to get killed in a few bullets. Try to shoot bullets in the enemy head to get a headshot and easy kill. You can fire bullets to torso or legs, but it will take time to kill your enemy.

It is a game of skills and patience with quick reaction on different situation. You need to shoot bullets on enemy aiming at his head for headshots.

Tip 7 # Use a headphone to hear enemy footsteps

One of the best buddies in the game is your ear; you can hear enemy footsteps if they are near you or if they are jumping inform windows.

You should always use headphone to listen to footsteps and the firing of the enemy to locate them in the game. If you hear loud footstep then the enemy is near you, so keep your eye and ear both open when you are playing Garena Free Fire.

Tip 8 # Choose a correct weapon

Whenever you are going through a battle, you will be getting a choice of weapon which will be laying in the buildings. You should always have one shotgun and one rifle to fight the close battle.

The shotgun is used for close battle and them worth their mettle when you are firing enemy form a short distance. You need one multipurpose rifle which can be used in every situation such as long distance or short distance with rapid fire.

Multipurpose rifle comes in Six types

  • Scar
  • M4A1
  • M14
  • AK
  • Groza

They all use AR ammo and are very versatile when used scope attachment.

Close range weapon (shotgun)

  • SPAS12
  • M1873
  • M1014

Close range weapon (machine gun)

  • MP40
  • M249
  • UMP
  • Mp5

Long range weapon

  • VSS
  • SKS
  • AWM
  • Kar98K
  • Dragunov


  • M500 (pistols)
  • USP
  • G18
  • Desert Eagle

Other accessory and weapon

  • Bat
  • Crossbow
  • M79 (to shoot cars)
  • Grenade
  • Pan

Final words

Garena free fire is very easy to play the game; you need to practice and start playing this game to master it. Do not take defect as a hindrance in your path. We all get killed during the game, and we rise again to fight. So, use our tutorial to score on your enemy and download Garena free fire Mod apk file in your Smartphone to get unlimited gems and coins.

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