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Are you ready for killing mayhem?

No, we are not referring for real killing, we are talking about Guns of Boom where players will rupture your skull with bullets and grenades. Welcome to the world of Guns of Boom, an innovative first-person shooter game developed by Game Insight for a smartphone.

Play using Guns of Boom Mod Apk with friends or form a team to kick ass other players with the most fought battleground of the internet.

 So, Are you ready for Guns of Boom?

Guns of Boom Game Description

Guns of Boom
PublisherGame Insight
Size96 M
Current Version4.10.0
Last updateDec 21, 2018
Mod files size100 M


Guns of Boom features

  • Very easy control and firing
  • No need to check the firing button
  • Awesome graphics with intruding sound effect
  • Upgrade your hero with hundreds of cosmetic items
  • PvP Battles around the world
  • Best shooting game for Smartphone

Guns of Boom Mod apk Features

  • No recoil for your gun
  • Get 999999 Gold In your account
  • Get 999999 Gun Buck in your account
  • Get 10 Guns to unlock in your account

Tops 7 Guns of Boom Tips and Tricks

Guns of Boom Strategy Guide
Tips And Tricks

Tip 1 # Prepare for the battle

In Guns of boom, you need to prepare for the battle before you plunge into the battle. Choose your best weapon, check if that weapon needs to upgrade. Check for the best Protective gear you can afford and upgrade them.

You can upgrade your weapon or gun, or you can buy new guns with more power and accuracy. Always try to select your upgraded gun to battle from Guns Of Boom Mod Apk, you can also select health pack if you want to add in your game.

The game will allow you to take one assault rifle and a one-shot gun. You will be equipped with five health kit and two grenades when the game starts. You can choose between Assault rifles, Rifles, and machine guns before starting of the game. You need to choose between Shotguns and pistols and knives are free to choose.

Tip 2 # Upgrade your Protective gear for Battle

Protective gear is mended to give you protection from enemy bullets. Guns of Boom also has different protective gear which will give protection to different parts of your body. You can get protection for

  • Head
  • Torso
  • Legs

We want to advise you to use all the protective gear which you can afford at any points in time. Keep them upgrading and updating so that you will get better off your competitors.

In the time of battle win or lose will be decided by with one bullet shot, so, keep on upgrading as your life depends on these protective gears. Do not neglect protective gear as apart from your weapon these are your best buddies in the battlefield.

Tip 3 # Aim for the head

All most all shooting game has one thing in common, they all rely on “headshots.” Headshots mean firing a bullet at the enemy head and killing them with little efforts. You need to practice headshot to excel in the game. All leading players have one thing in common they always shoot at enemy heads to stay ahead of the competition.

There are many protection gears for the whole-body part, and it takes quite large bullets to break those protective gear. So, instead of going for shooting on different body part just aim at the head and get your one-shot fame and kill.

Tip 4 # new buzzword “killstreaks.”

Guns of boom rely on some kills and of course winning the game, the greater number of kills you have, a greater number of points you will receive. Point help your character to level up in the game. A new buzzword has floated around in Guns of Boom as “killstreaks” which means killing multiple enemies in succession.

You will receive extra points when you get killstreaks like you will receive 12 points when you kill two players and 25 points when you kill three players.

Tip 5 # Choose position when you are playing Guns of Boom

Always remember one thing, move with your team to win any match. Winning is important as you will receive trophy bonus. You need to find a position in the team, and according to your position, you need to choose your weapon.

  • Front: choose assault rifle if you want to lead your team
  • Middle: use machine gun if you want to stay in the middle position
  • Back: choose sniper rifle if you want to stay in the back position

Check your weapon and try to choose your position in the team. Stay safe and stay alive to win any match. There are many situations when you cannot win the duel as the situation may arise when a gang of enemy surrounds you, the best thing is to run from that situation.

Tip 6 # Know your Terrain

If you are avid Guns of Boom player, then you may know if you are in the best position you will win the game. Position may be in behind any building or rooftop or hiding on pillbox or taking a higher position with a sniper.

You need to find out places where you can position yourself and start killing other players. For this reason, you must know the in and out of the terrain. Practice to know all the terrain given in Guns of Boom; you need to find out the best place to hide with your sniper when situation demand and get headshots.

Tip 7 # Buy Guns to dominate the game

If you are playing Guns of Boom, you much know that big weapons are the best killer, no matter what you do or how you play, if your competitor has big guns they will kill you with one shot.

To avoid this situation in Guns of Boom, you need to buy new guns with more power and ammo. New guns will give you winning edge in the game. We know it is very difficult to get game money to buy a new game, for that purpose you can check our Guns of Boom Mod apk files.

Final words

Guns of Boom is very fast action PVP battle which requires quick reaction to kill the enemy. You can use our Guns of Boom Mod Apk to get some free Game money such as gun buck and gold to start playing your game.

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Game description: You can use our Guns of Boom Mod Apk to get some free Game money such as gun buck and gold to start playing your game.


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