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This year get ready for your biggest nightmare to surface on your Smartphone with our Identity V Mod Apk.Identity V with its 1vs4 asymmetrical game combats is quietly making a wave and entering the most promising Horror game of the year. Weaved around one cruel hunter and four survivors, this game has shot to the no1 charts in China.

What is Identity V Game?

Identity V game has been developed by NetEase Games which is based on their successful game for consoles “Dead by Daylight.” After capturing the minds of all game loves NetEase partner with Behaviour Digital to bring Identity V for mobile platforms.

Identity V is an Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror game, which enables players from all over the world to log in to the game for role-playing. You can choose to play the hunter or the survivor during the gameplay.

What is an asymmetrical game?

As we have mentioned earlier “Identity V’ is an Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror game, which means players will play the game with a different role within the same space. We all play shooting game where we share the same game environment, and we all have only one motto to kill all your opponent. These types of games are called the symmetrical game.

The asymmetrical game is those where players share the same game environment but they play different roles as someone will defend, and someone will attack.

great gameplay of identity v
gameplay of identity V

Identity V has intensive 1vs4 Asymmetrical combats which means that one person will be playing the role of hunter and four online members will be playing as survivors.

Identity V Mod Apk Download Details

Identity V
PublisherNetEase Games
Size47 M
Current Versionvaries as per device
Last updateAug 8, 2019
Mod files size56 M

Identity V apk update

  • Geisha with a fan in her hand arrive in the Game arena
  • You can purchase Geisha’s Bride Costume and butterfly hairpin from the store
  • Get your gameplay going with Mr. Whiskers
  • Check new Costumes available in the Store

Identity V Mod Apk Features

  • Free unlimited echoes
  • All shop open with bride costumes and butterfly hairpin
  • All customs and other game items are available free
  • You can see a hunter coming through the night and walls
  • Extra echoes to deal if you die in the game

Identity V Tips and Tricks to keep you ahead

Identity V has hunter and survivors tactics going which can be decoded as hunter and prey scenario. You need to survive a team and need to decode some password to open the door to win the match. To survive the onslaught of the hunter, you need to try many tricks which we are going to reveal you now, in case you are not going to use our identity V Mod Apk.

tips and tricks for Identity V
Tips And Tricks

Identity V Survivor Tips

If you are playing as a survivor, then these tips are for you.

  1. Complete all Tutorials

You need to complete all your game tutorial to know exactly what is the purpose of each tool and game items. You also have to complete memory 1-10 before you can think to start playing the online game.

Try to learn the Identity V game mechanics before you plunge into the main game. You should know how to react to any situation and how to use any game props when you are in dire need.

  1. Choose correct Game Character

As the game will progress you will unlock different game character which includes

  • Gardener
  • Doctor
  • Thief
  • Lawyer
  • Lucky Guy
  • Explorer
  • Priest

We advise you to play with all the game character and choose the character which suits you. Do not use the lucky guy, he is a useless character and did not give you any added benefit in the game. If you are choosing a doctor, it will heal another player very fast. Try to survive a team and play a team.

  1. Decode and win the match

One of the game objectives for the survivor is to decode the cipher machine and open the gates and win the match. If you are playing a team and decoding as a team, it will decode very fast. You need to stop the pointer of the decoding machine to a safe point. If you fail to stop it, then it will give the alarm to the hunter, and you need to run from that point.

  1. Hide when Hunter is near you

Hunter can see your vague reflection when you are running around the ground and when you are near him. If a hunter is running behind you, hide in almirah or wardrobe which will stop giving your reflection to the hunter.

You can find many hiding items in the ground, just hide inside any almirah for a while to get away from the hunter.

  1. Get Special skill

Another big surprise in the chest which you can find laying in the fields, tap open it and get your skill upgraded. You may find other game items, which can be used to defend from hunter like a rugby ball or healing skill or hammer.

  1. Rescue your Team member, or he will die

One of the funs of this game is hunter can beat or torture teammates, but he cannot kill. He needs to capture survivors and tie them with rocket chair. After a certain time, if any of the survivors fail to rescue the tied team member, he will die.

So, rescue your team member from rocket chair by going near the rocket chair and click action button.

  1. Your Skill points are talent

Choose different talent from the talent tree for each survivor character. You should choose them wisely to get your talent point did not go to waste.

Identity V Hunter Tips

  1. Tap Ear icon to get the location

If you tap ear icon which is located on the right side of your screen, then you can check the location of the survivors. Use this facility to check the survivor location and knock them with ease.

  1. patrol around the cipher machines

If you are new and did not know the game environment or map, then we advise patrolling around the cipher machines. As the purpose of the game is to break the code and open the door, so maximum chances are survivor will come to the cipher machine to decrypt it.

  1. Capture one by one

You should target one survivor at a time and capture him and lock him with the rocket chair. Place puppets near rocket chairs to get easy teleport when other survivors try to rescue the chained team member.

Final words

So, if you are ready to explore more about Identity V Mod apk, you can download the mod apk file from our website. You will get mod apk with obb files which you can install in your Smartphone to play this awesome game.

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