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Can you survive a post-apocalyptic world where the human population is less than 10%, and all the survivors turn into zombies?

Want to test these situations in your Smartphone, show some girth and start playing Last day on earth with mod apk.

The whole world is changing after an unknown infection which turns almost 90% of the human population into zombies. Your task is to survive with the basic amenities and keep on moving ahead with a new twist and turn around the corner.

Are you ready for the night?  

Last Day on Earth: Survival Description

Last Day on Earth: Survival
Size96 M
Current Version1.14
Last updateAug 10, 2019
Mod files size105 M

Last Day on Earth Game Features

  • Kill zombies and wild animals to survive the dark age
  • Loot other people base to survive
  • Build a strong house to survive from zombies and other players
  • Take part in the events which will pop up from time to time

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk Features

  • 999999 Gold coins in your account
  • 99 Skill point to use to open any skill
  • Unlimited energy for surviving events
  • Free XP booster for your character
  • Unlimited fuel for your car or motorcycle

Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks

last day on earth survival guide
Tips And Tricks

Tip 1 # Gather and Survive the dark days

You have to start to gather from the very beginning of the game to survive. You need to check all the places for resources and items which can use to build a house. Check the car wreckage and take a knife and start killing the zombies.

You have to gather berry to quench your thirst for the very beginning of the game. Just fill up your pocket with berry and keep filling in your car inventory with Last Day On Earth mod apk file.

Tip 2 # Need Protection to build House

This is the most important thing which you should consider doing in the first place, build a house to protect your items which you have gathered or looted from the different expedition.

You need to make house and to survive in the zombies infested country. Start building a house at the beginning with boxes to keep your items safe in those.

Tip 3 # Clear your area from zombies and wild animals

You need to clear your area from zombies and wild animals which may attack you when you return from an expedition. These wild animals or zombies will be easy to clear as you are starting your journey. Kill all zombies and wild animals including deer to get game goodies and food.

Tip 4 # Get water to start your journey

You need to find water to start your journey; you will be provided with three bottles of water in inbox message. Drink water and start your journey and do not throw empty water bottles as these will be used to fill water.

Water is a very important element of the game which you need to address from the beginning of the game. You need to make rain catcher to gather water to survive in the game. Gather all the bottles you will find when you explore outside and keep the empty water in rain catcher so that you are not out of water when the necessity arises.

Tip 5 # Get the first loot from the plane wreckage

You should carry minimum items when you are venturing for the first time. Your first should be in the plane wreckage. You will get a bag and other goodies including gun and clothes when you went to place wreckage. Carry as much as you can when you visit the place wreckage.

You can visit the place wreckage again within the stipulated time to get more loot from that site. Get all the items which you want most which help you in basic survivals.

Tip 6 # Get ready for a fight

You need to prepare for the fight with zombies, other human survivors mostly bots and wild animals. You need to practice stealth mode fighting to surprise any zombies or wild animals so that they did not get your footsteps when you approach them.

Learning stealth mode fighting is good when you approach any zombies or animal in very silently and kill them with one blow.

Tip 7 # Take shower every day

You need to take a shower every day or before going to any expedition. This will ensure zombies are not getting any smell of yours when you approach them. Many zombies will pour venom and other smelly items on you, to get rid of those you need to take a shower.

Final words

Last day on earth is a very intriguing game where you need to find food and gather other game items which will help you survive the ordeal. If you need any help, then you may check out our last day on earth: survival mod apk + obb files.

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