Are you waiting to try left to survive mod apk, where you can shoot multiple zombies with a new bust gun?

Get ready to experience the greatest zombie’s shooter game where you need to clear all zombies in the area to advance to another field. You will be rewarded with different game items and game money when you clear any levels.

Left to Survive Game Description

Left to Survive B.v
Size89 M
Current Version3.2.2
Last updateAug 12, 2019
Mod files size103 M

Left to Survive: PVP Zombie Shooter features

  • All new weapon
  • Get helicopter guns
  • Kirland 50000 missile launchers
  • You can divert all missiles
  • PVP matches

Left to Survive Mod Apk Features

  • Get unlimited Gold bar in your account
  • Get unlimited game currency in your account
  • Get your hero max out
  • Get all campaign to unlock in your account
  • Get 15 weapons to unlock in your account
  • Auto aim assisted

Left to Survive PVP Zombie Shooter Tips and Tricks

left to survive tips
Beginners’ Guide

Tip 1 # Choose your Weapon for War

Left to survive is very intrusive and engaging type of game, where you need to know which weapon to use for killing big hordes of Zombies. You should choose your best weapon to kill zombies and clear all levels. Check all weapon characters and there shooting power to stay in the game. You should always upgrade your weapon to maximum to get more power out of your gun.

Pay attention to all the characteristics of your weapon like power, distance, burst speed, etc. before you plunge into the campaign mode. Powerful weapon means you have upper hand in the game and you will clear all zombies in the game with ease.

Tip 2 # Buy new weapon with more power

When you are new to the game, you should upgrade your weapon to zoom past the levels of the game using  Left To Survive mod apk. You should always check the game currency and when you get a chance to buy a new weapon.

Always remember, you should always rely on buying new weapon rather than upgrading the old one. The new weapon will come with more power and range which you can use for clearing the game levels.

Tip 3 # Headshots are the best shot to survive

If you want one professional tip to survive any shooting game, then you should practice headshot. Headshot always gives you best result as they kill zombies with one shot, which saves ammunition and time to reload. If you are an expert head-shooter, then you can clear all game levels very easily.

Always remember to get the best shot with your gun and clear the game levels with easy. Headshots also give you a bonus, which you will receive when you clear the level.

Tip 4 # clear Special Zombies first

Always look for special zombies which will create difficulty in the level clearing. You should check for the special zombies who have some unique qualities like fast moving, self-exploding, full shield zombies.

You should kill these zombie’s first to avoid any difficulty later in the game. Check for special zombies from the beginning of the game. Keep on shooting on these type, as these special zombies will give you ample time to respond, if you fail to respond on those time, they will come and finish you.

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