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Once upon a time, there was one princess trap in a Big Tower with one Dragon, she was waiting to be rescued by a prince!Wait! That is not the story; it is a little bit modified with our Princess becoming bored to be rescued by the prince, she decides to kiss ass the dragon and elope the Tower.Yep! you hear it right!

This game gives girl power and gives one big hammer to princess which helps her in slamming, breaking, digging and at last escaping from the evil clutches of a dragon.

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Once upon a tower game is developed for Smartphone by Pomelo Games. It gives one hope to all individual that do not wait for someone to get rescue you, instead of fight the situation and get rid of the circumstances.

Once Upon a Tower Description

Once Upon a Tower
PublisherPomelo Games
Size32 M
Current Version17
Last updateJuly 29, 2018
Mod files size65 M

Once Upon a Tower Features

  • Tower with princess held by dragon story
  • You got one big hammer to make your way out
  • Buy new lives and new characters
  • Buy power booster

Once Upon a Tower Mod Apk features

  • 9999 Hearts in your Game account
  • 58 Lives in your game account
  • Unlock of the full game in your account
  • Do not forget to use Obb files in your Smartphone along with Once Upon a Tower Apk files

Once Upon a Tower Tips and Tricks

once upon a tower tricks
Beginner Guide

Tip 1 # Know your weapon

One thing which you should know is your weapon, from the beginning of the game, you will be provided with one big hammer. Consider yourself lucky, as this primary weapon can create mayhem and will break walls and everything which comes in between her and her plan.

You need to dig, smash, break and kill minions and deadly character of the game to survive it. You will be present in the topmost level of the Tower and need to break and fall to the lower level to escape from the dragon.

You will be your main weapon which will use to kill any devil creature or walls. You can use various another task with your hammer as you progress in the game.

Tip 2 # Check where you are landing

Whenever you start the game, you will find you cannot clear one specific level where you will always fall in the spikes or fire-breathing emblem. For this reason, we advise you to check where you are landing when you are present in the upper level.

Always pay attention to one level below before you take the leap or want to break the wall. This will ensure that you will not fall directly on the spikes or will not come directly in front of fire-breathing creatures.

Pay attention to the timing and check how frequency these spikes will come on and off and then you can leap.

Tip 3 # Try to swing your hammer in midair

There will be a situation when your enemy or minion will be falling with you when you break the wall. Get ready to swing your hammer in the midair to kill that minion or creatures which will try to kill you.

Always try to swing your hammer when you fall, make a habit so that when the situation arises, your hand will automatically swing your weapon for the kill.

Tip 4 # Earning Points by collecting Fireflies

You need to earn points by collecting fireflies and kill enemies. We advise you to collect as many fireflies as you can in the game. The point will be awarded a base on these

  • Fireflies = 50 points
  • Enemy = killing one enemy will give you 10 points

Depending on the challenge level your point will be multiple, for example, if your current challenge level is four and your have earn 400 points, then your final score will be

  • 4 x 400 = 1600 points

Tip 5 # Chicken is your best companion

One big supporting character in the game is Chicken which will help you in every time as it comes between you and the enemy fire line. So, when you get chicken in the wheel of fortune use it and have a chance to save yourself.

Treat your Chicken as your shield; it will help you in every time you get into trouble.

Final words

Once Upon a Tower is an addictive game which you will enjoy playing with your kids and friends. If you want some help, then you can download Once Upon a Tower Mod apk + obb files from our website.

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