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The world becomes doom with the strange outbreak and all human turn zombies. Meanwhile, two businessmen, A.J and Bud decided to make money from this situation. They have stated stop to sell juices and other items from zombies.You are posing as A.J assisted by bud will enter the epic adventure of Zombie Catchers Mod Apk.

Your task is to catch zombies and put them in the Squeeze-O-Matic and get some fresh and real juice from these zombies.You can hire drones to find zombies for you and can upgrade weapons to catch hordes of zombies for your plant.

So, are you ready for Zombie Catchers?

Zombie Catchers Game Description

Zombie Catchers
PublisherDeca Games
Size77 M
Current Version1.24.0
Last updateJul 25, 2019
Mod files size96 M

Zombie Catchers Game Features

  • Top five Action Game in over 100 countries
  • You have to catch Zombies to make different delicious items
  • Get money by selling different shakes made by zombies
  • Use brain for luring the zombies out of there swamp
  • Get new gadgets to catch zombies
  • Innovative 2D style game
  • Age group above 12 years are advised to play this game
  • Use Plutonium to upgrade your weapons

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Features

  • Get 999999 free money in your account
  • Get 999999 free Plutonium in your account
  • Get level 20 weapons to unlock in your account
  • Get maximum upgrade of your Jetpack
  • Get 4 Drone in your account to scan all zombies

Zombie Catchers Tips and Tricks

Zombie catchers tips and tricks
Beginner’s Guide

Tip 1 # Learn to hide before you catch Zombies

You need to learn how to hide behind shoots or tree stem or rock before you catch any zombies. You need to find a hiding place before you want to place any brain to lure zombies out of the swamp. Zombies will be hiding inside these swamps and will come out to eat those brains.

Zombies are programmed in such a way that if they see you or A.J, they will run away. So, you need to hide behind any obstacles which will not allow the zombies to see you and then you can catch them.

Before you hide behind any obstacles, make sure that you can pounce on your prey when the situation arises, or these zombies will run away.

Tip 2 # Check your weapon how it works before you catch any zombies

There are many weapons in zombies catcher which you can use to catch any zombies. All the weapons have its unique capabilities; you need to explore all those capabilities before you want to catch any zombies.

Check the range of your weapon before you venture into the catching zone. You will find it difficult to catch zombies if you don’t know how to use your weapon properly. Pay attention to the range and recoil time before you start firing the weapon again.

Tip 3 # Check for wildlife which may cost you, zombies

As you all know, zombies are infested in the wild, and in the wild there live many wild creatures like snakes and bats. These wild animals many cost you some zombies if you did not clear them and make your path clear before luring the zombies out of there home.

If you run on these wild animals, they will be stung you and take some precious time from you to recover. Meanwhile, all zombies will run away which you may lure out of the swamp. So, clear your path before you call all zombies from the hole.

Tip 4 # Upgrade your weapon

You should keep on upgrading your primary weapon to increase the range of your weapon. When you reach a certain level in the game, you will be given more choices of guns such as a net gun or other upgraded guns. You should keep on upgrading your guns using Zombie Catchers mod apk to catch a big pack of zombies.

As the game will become tougher and you cannot sustain it with your primary weapon, the only way to survive is the game is to use the upgraded version on your weapon. Keep on using plutonium and upgrade your weapons

Tip 5 # Get ready to face armed Zombies

You should be ready to face armed zombies to avoid any surprise from zombies. As the game will progress, you will find zombies holding different weapons to defend themselves. Now that’s an interesting story where you have to keep on dodging those incoming bullets. You need to jump over them or hide behind a rock to avoid them.

These bullets will be stunned you for a few seconds which will give zombies enough time to run away.

Final words

You can play Zombie Catchers without using our Mod Apk files as this game is free to download from Google play store, but if you are looking for some extra free money and free plutonium, then you need to install our Zombie Catchers Mod Apk + Obb files.

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