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Get ready for the most epic addictive game of the year, Infinity run. You need to ride the roller coaster and avoid being hit by the obstacles. You need to control a football in the epic roller coaster ride with the rhythm of the music.You can play Infinity run with more than 25 different football during your gameplay, unlocking them one by one.

To play Infinity run game, you only need to master the left or right combination with looking for slope and heights during the roller coaster ride.

So, what are your waiting for, jump in the epic adventure of controlling football to get ahead of your competitors around the world with Infinity Run Mod apk.

Infinity Run full description

Infinity Run: Rush balls on rhythm roller coaster
Size22 M
Current Version1.5.3
Last updateAug 17, 2019
Mod files size40M

Infinity Run Features

  • Get 100 amazing challenges
  • Upgrade your ranks by gathering XP in the game
  • 50 Balls to be collected
  • You can receive daily log in rewards
  • Get 25 Racing ball
  • Showcase your points with other players in the world

Infinity Run mod Apk

  • Get unlimited XP
  • Get all 25 Racing ball to unlock
  • Get 50 balls in your account
  • Get an extra life when you hit obstacles

 Infinity Run hack with Tips and Tricks to Clear all levels

You can always check for these tips and tricks to stay ahead of the competition and to clear all levels of Infinity run.

Infinity run Tips
Infinity run Tips & Tricks

Tip1 # Tap left and right to clear obstacles

Infinity run is the very simple game when it comes to controls. You have to tap your Smartphone screen left or right to clear the obstacles. If you master the left-right combination, you can clear all levels of Infinity run.

If you check carefully in the game, the ball tends to roll fast on the slope, and it takes some micro-second less when it has to go upwards on heights. Try to figure out what combination and give left or right tap to clear all obstacles.

Tip2 # Look ahead to get your ball right

You need to look ahead one obstacle to clear your ball being bang on it. All infinity runs are easy to play when you know how to look ahead one step. You should also check the slope or height to predict correctly to avoid banging in the miles.

Check the speed of the ball and the distance you need to cover before you tap for the left or right button. Always pay attention to the slope as well as goodies which you will collect a bonus when you play Infinity run.

Tip3 # Collect 25 different Racing ball to suit your style

Many players excel when they play with the different ball in infinity run. So, depending on your taste choose ball which will give your edge over another ball. One thing we need to advise our reader is, no matter which ball you choose, you need to give 100% focus to the left/right combination and slope/height in the lane.

Tip 4 # submerge yourself in the rhythm of the galaxy

One of the best songs which you will listen while playing any game is the rhythm of the galaxy. Infinity run has the most addictive song known as “Rhythm of the Galaxy.” You need to match the tap with the beat of the song, and you can clear all obstacles.

When you play Infinity run game which is repetitive in all the levels, only one thing save yourself from boredom, its refreshing music. You can listen to that music for hours without being getting bored.

Tip 5 # Take break

After you complete some levels, take a break and refresh yourself and start again. Infinity run game needs lots of concentration and patience, for that purpose you need to take a break in between your game and get yourself rejuvenated to play ahead.

Final thought

Infinity run is a very addictive game which will eat your lots of time. So, to get all the running ball and to get the extra ball to start fresh, download our Infinity Run mod apk + Obb files along with full installation from our website.

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