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The adventure begins in Tumblecube Island where Pokémon has been detected. You have to make the advance base and make friend with some Pokémon to clear the area. Just follow the story, and you will be clearing wild Pokémon from the base and fighting with boss Pokémon.

Are you ready for the adventure of Pokémon Quest Mod apk with a new adventure and block type game?

Pokémon Quest Game Description

Pokémon quest
PublisherThe Pokémon Company
Size58 M
Current Version1.0.4
Last updateDecember 6, 2018
Mod files size73 M


Pokémon Quest Game Features

  • Cute Pokémon turns into cubes
  • A Minecraft and Roblox type of gameplay
  • Easy to control and easy to play
  • Battle by tapping on the Pokémon
  • Gang up with three Pokémon and start clearing the area
  • Battle with wild Pokémon
  • Cook delicious food to attract wild Pokémon
  • Decorate your base with newly improved decoration
  • Get all the features of original Pokémon

Pokémon Quest Mod Apk features

  • Get 999999 PM Tickets to buy new game items
  • Get 1-Hit kill mode to enable in your account
  • Get Quest rewards
  • Get Achievements rewards in your account
  • Unlimited battery refills for your Pokémon
  • Unlimited skill stones (999999) in your account
  • Get 10 Pokémon Character with max out level to start the game

Best Pokémon Quest Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Pokemon Quest Tips
Beginner’s Guide

Tip 1 # Start your campaign with Pokémon Pikachu

When you first start your campaign to clear Tumblecube Island, you will be getting the choice to choose between three Pokémon. Choose Pikachu as your best buddy and start clearing the wave. You need to tap your Pokémon to start the attack, and you will find two special attacks shown in the bottom of your screen. Tap anyone of it and your character will start hitting wild Pokémon.

Pokémon Pikachu has a special power of giving shock and clearing the wave. You need to clear all the wild Pokémon present in that area, after that you will encounter the boss of that area.

Boss Pokémon will be more powerful and require a certain skill set to defeat it. You can attack it with your electric shock and move your Pikachu little back to dodge Boss Pokémon attack.

Tip 2 # Cook to attack new Pokémon to make Team

After clearing the first area, you need to cook all the ingredients your character has collecting after defeating all wild Pokémon. When you mix different ingredient in the boiler, it will make delicious soup or food for Pokémon.

Two new Pokémon will appear to eat that food; you need to make friends with them to include in your team. Your team will be comprised of three different Pokémon at a time. So, try to take a different type of Pokémon with you so that you will get help in the fight.

Tip 3 # Check the special power of each Pokémon

You need to check the different special power of each Pokémon which you can utilize in the battle to win any match. Each Pokémon is unique and has pros and cons depending on the types. Carefully check each Pokémon and try to mix and match different types of Pokémon in your team.

There are many types of Pokémon, some of them are as given below:

  • Steel-types Pokémon
  • Flying types Pokémon
  • Grass-types Pokémon
  • Dragon types Pokémon
  • Ghost-types Pokémon
  • Normal Pokémon
  • Psychic-type Pokémon
  • Dark-type Pokémon
  • Fighting-type Pokémon
  • Electric-type Pokémon
  • Water-type Pokémon
  • Bug-type Pokémon
  • Ice-type Pokémon
  • Fire-type Pokémon
  • Ground-type Pokémon
  • Rock type Pokémon
  • Fairy type Pokémon
  • Poison-type Pokémon

Tip 4 # Infuse Power stones in Power Charm

You can increase your Pokémon power and HP with the help of power stones from Pokemon Quest Mod apk file. These can be found when you clear any level. You can also buy it from stores of Pokémon Quest. These stones are very helpful and are used in Power charm to increase the HP or attack of your Pokémon.

Power stones as given in the original story of Pokémon, are used to evolve them to the upper level. You can use the same principle here in the game, and you can evolve them into more powerful and gain XP.

Tip 5 # Learn how to attack and dodge to gain faster XP

When you start the game, your Pokémon will start clearing the waves, i.e. they will easily defect all wild Pokémon. But as you start leveling up, the game becomes tougher, and boss Pokémon is hard to defect.

So, you need to learn the basic of fighting, before you plunge into the main battle. You will be getting one change to hit Pokémon and then enemy Pokémon will strike you back.

It is always a better idea to hit the wild Pokémon with your special power and then take back your Pokémon little away so that your Pokémon did not get the full blow. Practice these steps more often to win over boss Pokémon.

Tip 6 # Train Pokémon

You should continue to upgrade your Pokémon with all available Pokémon. You can go to the training section and teach new moves to your Pokémon. You have to put Pokémon in the supporting Pokémon slot to get new moves to your main Pokémon. It will increase HP and Attack of your main Pokémon when you infuse lower level Pokémon.

One thing you must remember that, after you put Pokémon in the supporting slot, those Pokémon will leave you.

Final words

Pokémon Quest is a very intriguing game which all age can play. If you need some help with the game, you can download Pokémon Quest Mod apk from our website.

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