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Do you love watching samurai moves which involve special skill with swords and different weapon?

If yes, then Shadow Fight 3 game is just your opportunity to plunge into the deep secret world of samurai and evil power, where you need to destroy the enemy to save the world.

Join the epic adventure of Shadow Fight 3 mod apk group where different characters possess a different fighting skill which can be enhanced using combos and special power.

Shadow Fight 3 Game description

Shadow Fight 3
Size77 M
Current Version1.19.0
Last updateJuly 25, 2019
Mod files size79 M

Shadow Fight 3 features

  • Realistic 3D graphics with awesome animation
  • Huge weapon to choose from
  • Get special shadow abilities and upgrades
  • Get world map to move around with stories
  • Get the main storyline with different side quest

Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk Features

  • You can Freeze your enemy using the Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk
  • Get 99999 coins and 99999 Shadow power in your account
  • Get all character to unlock in your account
  • Start your Shadow power bar full every time game will start
  • No need to root your Smartphone

Shadow Fight 3 Tips and Tricks

shadow fight 3 guide
Tips & Tricks

Tip 1# Know your Character’s Characteristic first

Shadow Fight 3 is game of duel fight with different characters of the game. You need to figure out the special power of your character before you can plunge in the fight. You should also keep working on your special power to enhance the capabilities of your character which you will choose.

It did not matter which character you choose in the game, the only thing which matters is the moves and special power associated with your character.

Tip 2 # Practice all moves before going to fight

You should practice all moves before going to fight in campaign game mode. Sharpen all your moves, skill and practice all weapon before you go for the fight. One thing which always helps in winning the war is your moves, and those can be acquired only through practice.

Try to complete your training with Gizmo to improve your fighting skill and moves. Try to learn the different weapon, how they can be used and how you can sharpen your moves with a different weapon.

Tip 3 # Learn Combo and special moves

There are more than 20 combo and special moves which you should master before going for the duel in Shadow Fight 3. Combos are special moves which involve clicking on two or more keys to get the desired action. All you need to do is practice and learn these combos before you plunged into the fight.

You should learn the special moves when you equip any ability onto your weapon. You can check all the combos present in the moves list to improve your special moves. Your special moves will come onto your screen when you keep on fighting with your enemy; you need to check on the special move and how you should use it when they become active during the fight.

Tip 4 # Wait for the correct attack

It is always wise to time your attack when your enemy is off guard. That case only happens when you enemy has just finished his combos attack, and he is standing still. You need to choose the correct time to strike your attack to knock him down. Choose your attack or special power correctly and strike him with all power to knock him down.

You should always predict your enemy moves to get ready with your combos or attack. Be ready with your powerful attack and hit him when he is off guard.

Tip 5 # Final Blow is your Shadow energy

You will gather shadow energy when you are in a fight; shadow energy can be used when your shadow energy bar is full. You should keep on attacking with special power or combos to get more shadow energy to full in your kitty. After your Shadow energy bar is shown full, you can use it for defeating your enemy.

Shadow energy is a special power which you can use, mixing it up with your special combos. Shadow energy will enhance your basic moves and make them more powerful as you execute them.

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