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Are you always want to be tycoon on a sunny island, where waves kiss the sun beach?If yes, here is a chance to relieve your dream, you need to download Trade Island Mod apk with Obb files and start playing the game.

Trade Island game has been developed by Game Insight and available for both iOS and Android platform.

You can relieve your childhood fantasy to govern resident by putting tax and make your city beautiful by building roads, cars and other variety of things. Get ready to become a tycoon of a sunny island and relieve the dream.

Trade Island
PublisherGame Insight
Size92 M
Current Version2.11
Last updateMar 12, 2018
Mod files size102 M


Trade Island Apk details

  • Build a mega city with residents
  • Make a realistic market
  • Unbelievable Quests
  • The beautiful storyline with Quest mode
  • Get different styles of cars
  • Cozy Caribbean landscapes to make your life perfect

Trade Island mod apk features

  • Unlimited coins and gems
  • All Quest mode open
  • Fee slots on every building
  • All cars modes are open
  • Get Obb files with full game to make your game better

Trade Island tips and tricks to Build Fast

Trade Island game is full of items which require immediate attention when you start the game. You need to priories your requirement and start building your dream city according to these strategies.

Trade island Tips And Tricks
Tips & Tricks

Tip 1 # Build the basic items first

Do not rush for immediate upgrade using gems or coins; this is a strategy game not “win the racing world cup.” You need to pay attention to the requirement of your people and act accordingly to fulfill it.

Build the basic items first which will help you in building other bigger items. Check for the resources such as Fruits, wood, Coffee, candy, buns, lunch, and pizza. Check which items are required to make those items and what are they used in the game.

Resources can be made in these building of the game:

  • Iron ore – Smeltery (check for iron ore near the forest)
  • Wood – Sawmill (very important item of the game)
  • Fruits – you have to Plant trees to get these
  • Fabric – can be used in Textile Mills
  • Glass – You need to build Glass Plant for this
  • Plastic – Plastic Factory to produce these
  • Oranges– Orangery to get some food

Tip 2 # Try to complete the Quest

If you want to increase material, XP and game currency, then you need to complete Quest. Quest is a small task which helps you in the right direction so that you did not leave any important building. Always pay attention to the quest from the beginning of the game.

The quest can reward you handsomely, and you can come to know all types of building and their product while complete those type of Quest.

Tip 3 # Spend Diamonds Judiciously

Trade Island has two game currency, gold and diamond (gems), and believe us; diamond is very hard to get. You need to save them during the game and use them Judiciously. Do not buy items for completing any task or do not speed up your task. You can use them on increasing slot in the shops like stores or building.

Always remember one thing, Gems or diamond are the premium currency and should never to use to purchase any resources. Avoid any traps by the game to show you to buy resources and other items to full fill the task.

Tip 4 # Attract resident by building more house

The main objective Trade Island game is to make a beautiful city which has full of the resident. You need to fulfill all their wishes and work towards the betterment of the city. You should be working hard to attract resident by building more houses.

Strike a balance between houses and resources, as if you increase houses, you may deplete your resources. Do not overdo anything, maintain a healthy equation between houses and resources.

Tip 5 # Upgrade houses to get more tax

One of the main income sources in Trade Island is by taking tax from our residence. People will live in those houses, huts or building and depend on the living condition they will give you tax.

You need to upgrade houses or building to get more tax. You will receive coins as a tax which can be used in your progress to unlock new territories, making building or buying items for the game. If you are in hurry to get all those resources fast then download our Trade Island Mod Apk.

Tip 6 # Constantly monitor your workers and free slots in building

Always pay attention to the workers who are used for

  • Construction
  • Upgradation
  • Removing obstacles
  • Getting ores

Check for all free slots in the building for making different items. You should try to put resources in all the slots of the building to work efficiently.

Tip 7 # Fulfil the wish of resident

Your main rewards of the game are to make your people or resident happy staying in your megacity. You should try to check what is there wishes by tapping on the (i) icon on the residents. You should try to complete resident wishes, and for completing, you will receive gems or tools or coins.

Tip 8 # Celebrate the party by collecting Balloons.

Balloons are awarded by the resident whenever you complete their wishes. When you accumulate a certain number of balloons, a special party will be taking place in a resident’s house or city hall.

You need to fulfill the special party requirement, and you will get special rewards from all the residents. Consider it as a special love form all people whom you server well in your megacity.

Tip 9 # Leap and upgrade City Hall

Your game progress is measured in the term of city hall, the higher number of city hall you are having, more advance house and another facility will be given to you. You can expand your territories after you upgrade your city hall.

All the building in your Trade Island can be upgraded after you upgrade your city hall. This will also increase your tax, XP, and coins when you upgrade your city hall.

Tip 10 # Get Territory map for expansion

Apart from Quest, you need to complete stories quest to earn territory map. This is the great savior and used to gain or unlock a new location on the Island to make a new city. You have to choose the book icon present in the left side of the screen to complete story Quest.

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