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Are you an NBA fan?

If you are, then you can now play with all your heroes in the mobile simulated game call NBA 2k19. NBA 2k19 game has been developed by 2k.INC which is a pioneer in game development.

You can play a different team with top leading players in NBA 2k19 Mod apk.

So, are you ready for your Basketball carrier?

NBA 2k19 Game Description

NBA 2k19
Publisher2K, INC
PricePaid ($7.67)
Size31 M
Current Version52.0.1
Last updateMarch 7, 2019
Mod files size83 M


NBA 2k19 Game features

  • Play my career mode, just tailor-made for your perfect growth
  • Association mode- Control your dream Franchise and make NBA dynasty
  • 2k Beats- get engaging music on your basketball game from Kendrick Lamar, Shakira, Nas.
  • New gameplay with more controls of the game
  • Get virtual currency by playing in tournaments

NBA 2k19 Mod Apk features

  • Free with our NBA 2k19 Mod apk + obb files
  • Get ten players unlock in your account
  • Get 999999 Game coin in your account to start your perfect carrier
  • Get one shot basket for your character

Top 5 NBA 2k19 Tips and Tricks

NBA2K tips
Best Tips For NBA2K

Tip 1 # Know your team members

You should know your team before you even start making ripple around the NBA 2k19 world. So, here is the top team’s list with there available players who will be ready for you in the NBA 2k19 game.

  1. LAKERS: probably the no1 team of basketball and have an all-star player line up. (a) Magic Johnson
  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Jerry West
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Bob Cousy
  • John Havlicek
  • Paul Pierce
  • Larry Bird
  • Bill Russell
  1. Bulls
  • Derrick Rose
  • Michael Jordan
  • Scottie Pippen
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Artis Gilmore
  1. Warriors
  • Steph Curry
  • Klay Thompson
  • Chris Mullin
  • Rick Barry
  • Wilt Chamberlain
  1. SPURS
  • Tony Parker
  • George Gervin
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • Tim Duncan
  • David Robinson

Tip 2 # Practice all controls

Playing basketball in real is completely different from playing basketball in a smartphone. You need to learn all the moves and special signature steps of each player on your smartphone. Always practice for defense, dodge, dribbling, shoot, sprint and passes.

Real basketball rules apply in this virtual game, so, be careful when you are playing a virtual game. Keep in mind the player stamina; if you keep on hitting that sprint button, your player will get exhausted before shooting at the basket.

Tip 3 # Pick up Gaps or Space

One of the reasons why players lose their ball possession is due to not picking up space or gap, they all tend to go to the congestion area and quickly lose the ball. As we have advice this is stimulation of real game; if you run for congestion area where you are knockdown by two to three players, you need to change your tactics.

Always try to give a pass to the player who is not marked by an opponent. Try to give him when he is about to dash in the blank space.

Tip 4 # Mix with dribbling and passes

You need to mix your moves like dribbling and give passes to other players to avoid being pinned down. All players are equal enough in stamina and build up; you need to harvest your dribbling skills with passes so that they become more effective against opponent team.

Tip 5 # Keep on rotating players

When you are playing a basketball game, your player needs to take rest after they stamina level comes down. You need to keep on rotating players with your bench strength to keep the pace going in the game.

Do not hesitate to substitute players as they will keep the pace of your game going.

Final word

NBA 2k19 is stimulated basketball game where you need to learn all the game control in the Smartphone. If you want little help, then you can check our NBA 2k18 Mod apk download files.

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