Onmyoji Arena game has been developed by NetEase game company which has invested heavily in every aspect of the game, be it storyline or graphics or gameplay. You will get an entire package of onmyoji Arena mod apk in the game of role-playing.

If you love Japan anime like storytelling with tons of features to fight with the jungles or evil, then you will love these games. Although the game manufacturer is from China, they have captured the essence of Japan anime type of storytelling.

Be ready to play the best MOBA strategy game of the year and engulf in the breathtaking graphics of Onmyoji Arena.

Onmyoji Arena Game Description

Onmyoji Arena mod apk
Publisher NetEase Games
Platforms Android
Price Free
Size 48 M
Current Version 3.40.0
Last update Sep 19, 2018
Mod files size 75 M


Onmyoji Arena features

  • Real-time 5v5 Battle
  • Game develop by chines company NetEase
  • Based on the Anime style of storytelling
  • Best Moba Strategy game
  • A mixture of Chinese and Japanese characters

 Onmyoji Arena mod apk Features

  • Get unlimited Exp Buff in your account
  • Get unlimited skill Daruma in your account
  • Get 50,000 Jade in your game account
  • Do not forget to use Obb files in your Account

Onmyoji Arena Guide to master the Arena

Onmyoji Arena Tips And Tricks
Onmyoji Arena Guide

Tip 1 # Login daily to get Jade

If you want to get free Jade or Demon pass, then you should consider login daily. Every game love loyal player who log in daily to play, no matter if they purchase any items or not. Loyalty matter for every game manufacturer, that why they give goodies which you can use in the game.

You should always consider to log in daily to get these goodies, which can be used to increase exp or buff to your characters.

Tip 2 # Pay attention to the Tutorial

Onmyoji Arena is Moba style of game, which has very detailed game items which can be infused into making higher items. You should never skip the tutorial, as this will unlock various quests which may lead you winning Jade and coins.

Tip 3 # choose your character

These are the main character which you need to choose from the game

Kuro Mujou
Karasu Tengu


Kyonshi Imoto
Kyuumei Neko


Samurai X
Karasu Tengu


Yuki Onna






Tip 4 # prepare for the battle

Souls are the best items when you are going to fight battles. It will increase stats and buff to your units. You should always invest in the buying souls to equip items which can be used by your character during the battle.

So, choose your character before the battle and choose appropriate souls’ gems to equip your central character items.

When you are going for farming, invest in those souls who will increase damage stats to your characters.

Tip 5 # Join the Active team to get rewards

You should join an active team guild or team to get rewards. There are various rewards and gift when your guild levels ups. You need to donate to your Guild to increase its levels.

The active team will start participating in the jungle fight or another team fight where you can get rewards. You should keep on fighting another team to get rewards and to increase your exp.

Try to join an active guild which can help you in your journey and team fight.

Download Mod APK

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Game title: Onmyoji Arena Mod Apk v3.40.0 Download

Game description: Be ready to play the best MOBA strategy game of the year and engulf in the breathtaking graphics of Onmyoji Arena.


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